Diversity, equity and inclusion: creating an SBB for everyone.

At SBB, we strongly believe an inclusive outlook is hugely beneficial – for both the company and its workforce. This is because inclusion promotes equal opportunities and fosters diversity. 

This is how we are embracing inclusion and diversity.

Diversity and inclusion are extremely important to us. This is why we have strategically anchored the topic at SBB and commit ourselves to it every day. SBB aims to create a working environment where every employee can contribute their individual strengths, experiences and perspectives. Be who you are and feel at home.

Differences are welcome here.

We see the diversity brought by 33,000 employees from 84 nations in 150 occupations as a source of potential. Our differences – whether visible or not – empower us to inspire one another and develop new ideas together. We enable you to apply your skills to drive SBB forward. Openness and respect for everyone are key elements of our corporate philosophy: we aim to promote our combined potential and enable successful collaboration.

A workplace free from discrimination – we go a long way to making this a reality with our Queernet network.

Sven Trachsel

Head of Passenger Attendants, who likes travelling and discovering foreign cultures.

Equal opportunities.

With our inclusive working culture, at SBB we aim to promote the diversity of our workforce in terms of gender, age, cultural diversity, sexual orientation, disability and other aspects. The aim is to break down barriers so that all employees have the opportunity to be successful. Our strategy is to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion and to increase sensitivity to different identities and outlooks.

Other specific measures include:

  • equal opportunity recruitment process
  • targeted training and further education programmes accessible to everyone
  • ‘Back to Business’ programme for those re-entering the labour market
  • internal development opportunities and talent programmes
  • equal pay within the company
  • cooperation with the job platform for people with disabilities 

Work-life balance.

We prioritise the talent and skills of our employees – not their individual and personal circumstances. This is why we are creating conditions to improve work-life balance.

Specific measures include:

  • part-time work, job sharing and co-management 
  • support with the financing of childcare 
  • collection of time or money credits in a long-term account

At SBB, jobs at all levels are advertised from a 60% level of employment and job sharing is actively promoted. 

Flexible ways of working.

Work Smart allows our staff to work flexibly and – where feasible – from any location. While shift workers have less leeway here, they do benefit from additional financial remuneration and extra time allowances which provide them with more leisure time.  


Our priority is people because we see the diversity of our workforce as an opportunity. That’s why establishing an inclusive and respectful culture within the company to promote understanding and acceptance for everyone is part of our mission statement. We provide networks for various issues, such as gender equality. These create a space for exchanging experiences and promoting inclusion. 

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