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Artan Rrustemaj

Bogie specialist with a passion for motorbikes who likes to relax in nature and play sport.

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Production specialist: all the right moves.

As a production specialist, you achieve great things with your manual skills. Make an important contribution to the whole system with your every move. 

My manual skills combined with a lot of organisational freedom contribute to the safety of the railway system.

Ines Jahns

Production specialist and enthusiastic grandmother who enjoys relaxing holidays at caravan parks.


As a production specialist, you are responsible for inspecting and maintaining complex components on the trains. You give a second lease of life to mechanical or electronic components such as air conditioning units or train doors. You are responsible for the maintenance and preparation of parts for further processing or installation on the trains. To ensure you conduct this work with the necessary expertise, you specialise in a particular area. You go about your work in an experienced manner and in compliance with processes, bringing both a high level of quality awareness and efficiency. 

Railway vehicles.

As a production specialist in this unit, you work within a polyvalent team to maintain the trains. It is your responsibility to ensure the railway vehicles are in working order. As inspection dictates, you remove parts from the train and mount new or reworked components. Thanks to your technical flair and ability to grasp complex systems, you are able to replace parts quickly and efficiently. Our railway vehicles are as varied as your tasks. This means you can continually develop and have a real impact with a high level of personal responsibility. 


Even at challenging times, you are able to keep an overview of what’s going on and apply your manual skills effectively to contribute to the smooth running of public transport. As a production specialist, you recognise connections and have a good imagination that enables you to grasp abstract ideas. Your forensic approach helps you with your qualitative execution of your tasks. 

Do something great.

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