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Piraveen Rajah

Maintenance Technician, keen traveller and music fan.

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Maintenance Technician: To ensure that we are just as reliable tomorrow as we are today.

As a maintenance technician, you carry out all maintenance and inspection work on SBB’s railway vehicles. You are also responsible for performing any repair work and for replacing components where necessary. 

When it comes to the upkeep of our passenger trains, we work to ensure that trains are clean, safe and on time for our passengers every day.

Roland Alder

Head of Service Facilities at Passenger Division.

Your main goal is to diagnose and repair faults. Another key task is to carry out control and change requests and to identify any deviations. Once the maintenance and repair work is complete, you put the railway vehicles you have dealt with back into operation and ensure they are safe, reliable and ready to depart on time.

Achieve great things with SBB.

Would you like to use your talents to help Switzerland? Answer a few questions and find out how you can get started or go further in maintenance.

Which one applies to you?

Level 1 – your entry into the world of maintenance.

Entry-level employees get to know the world of maintenance in the initial training class – right in the vehicle workshop. This is the best way to prepare you for your exciting tasks. 

This position might interest you:

Do you want to develop further?

Level 2 – opportunities to develop in maintenance.

With your professional experience, you can now deepen your knowledge and take on more responsibility within SBB. 

These positions might interest you:

Would you like even more opportunities?

Level 3 – more responsibility with a greater remit.

Your extensive and detailed knowledge make you a competent contact person. You take on more complex work and can further expand your knowledge. 

These positions might interest you:

More opportunities await you.

Level 4 – expert in maintenance.

Level 4 employees are the specialists for commissioning the most demanding vehicles and systems. You lead training courses and take on technical management responsibility. 

These positions might interest you:

More opportunities await you.

Put your specialist knowledge into practice.

With a degree from a professional college, you can take on responsibility as a specialist in a technical capacity or as a line manager.

Choose the direction that suits you:

Maintenance Team Leaders: the leaders in production.

As a Maintenance Team Leader you are first-line management: the interface between management and production. You set the example for Maintenance Technicians and are jointly responsible for the team’s development. 

Your position:

More opportunities await you.

Deepen and apply your expertise.

A degree from a professional college opens many doors for you. Take on responsibility as a specialist or lead on innovative projects within SBB. 

These positions require your expertise:

Lead and inspire.

After graduating from a professional college, you can advance to become a manager. You take on responsibility for our Maintenance Technicians and develop your department towards success.

These positions require your leadership talent:

Do something great.

Other manual professions.