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Jennifer Brügger

Track layer, nature-loving seamstress with an affinity for motor vehicles.

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Track layer: Keeping things on the right track.

You build and maintain our tracks and ensure safety. Your accuracy, independence and team spirit shape your day-to-day work and mean that you make a big difference.

At the end of a night shift, I see the results of my work – that motivates me.

Somkeart (Bol) Khamphai

Track layer, born in Thailand and loves bodybuilding

Manual dexterity and fascination.

Sagging tracks are lifted by our track layers using winches and either tamped manually or levelled mechanically the following night using the tamping machine. When installing or removing rails, you operate the construction machinery with a high level of perception, patience and precision. You weld the new 8- to 108-metre long rails precisely to form one continuous rail. During large-scale track and points refurbishment works, you use great skill to operate the large track renewal machine, which inserts new parts accurately to 2mm.

Our track layers’ field of work is fascinating. It is not just our machines that are an attraction, but also what they achieve. From rail grinding to one-off points renewals: you can expect great things from us.

Independent and reliable.

After arriving at the construction site together, the site manager distributes the work to the team. You talk through the mandatory safety regulations together once again. Then, in independent groups, you carry out smaller-scale maintenance and building work on the tracks.

Our track layers are highly aware of safety and have a great sense of responsibility. With expert knowledge and pride in your work, you always stay on schedule. Your team can rely on you at any time of day and night.

Your work is unique.

Working for SBB is varied and extraordinary: you build unique things. The balance between working independently and in a team also makes your day-to-day work unique. The equipment you use is as diverse as the work itself. You work with traditional tools such as shovels and winches, but also with large-scale construction machinery.

Our track layers take care of the work in a particular region. This means that you are always working on new sections of track. Because the weather is always changing and this also shapes your day-to-day work, you need a sense of humour and composure. Thanks to good equipment, you brave all weathers.

Do something great.

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