Order form for discount “Luggage Special” for SBB partners.

As an SBB partner, order your discount for the Luggage Special.

Your discount options.

% discount on the standard price per booking from 1 November 2021.

The following booking options are available for your guests:

  • Outward or return journey, standard price: CHF 44 / 66 / 99
  • Outward and return journey, standard price: CHF 88 / 132 / 198

The discount you choose will be deducted from the standard price. Your guests will be shown the discounted price directly during online booking for the Luggage Special.

To the online booking for the “Luggage Special” Link opens in new window.

Period of validity for the discount (for immediate validity set-up takes approx. 5 working days).


Contact person for queries.

The discount will be settled each quarter starting from the end of March 2022 as well as after the validity period for the discount expires. The invoice will only be sent to the above billing address by post.

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