Supplier management.

Reliable and competitive partners make a valuable contribution to the success of SBB as a company. Within the scope of supplier management, SBB Purchasing ensures that the supplier portfolio is optimised across the group.

The aim of supplier management is to shape and develop partnership-based relationships with suppliers so that SBB’s security of supply is guaranteed. SBB Purchasing takes on the responsibility of improving the performance of existing suppliers, expanding cooperation and classifying new suppliers in the context of supplier management. Innovations and development trends should also be integrated.

New suppliers.

Companies can actively make SBB aware of their products and services in order to become a new supplier. Firstly, this can happen through participation in calls for public tender – published on the SIMAP web platformLink opens in new window. – as per PPA/PPO.

And secondly, suppliers can introduce themselves to SBB Purchasing and be taken into account for orders placed directly or by tender invitation. This is the beginning of a multi-stage qualification procedure.