Moving towards a climate-friendly future together.

Many of us share the goal of achieving a climate-friendly future. But how can we get there? Mobility will play a key role in this, and sustainability is a top priority for SBB. 

Other SBB initiatives on sustainability and environmental protection.

Facts & Figures.

What makes rail the most energy-efficient mode of transport?

  • SBB aims to be climate-neutral from 2030. To achieve its goal, SBB is significantly reducing its CO2 emissions by consistently reducing its energy consumption and using renewable energies.

  • Given that 90% of SBB’s energy at present comes from hydro power, travelling with SBB is an energy-efficient and climate-friendly way to get around.

  • By travelling by rail, Switzerland prevents around 5 million tonnes of CO2 from being emitted every year. That’s equivalent to 10% of Switzerland’s total emissions.

Sustainability commitment.

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