Passenger Division.

Our trains provide a safe, punctual and green way to travel.

We have around 15,000 staff involved in our passenger services. They work to ensure that SBB customers have easy access to public transport and can travel comfortably from A to B. Our sales staff, locomotive drivers, passenger attendants, cleaning staff and maintenance workers are core employees and play an important role in making this happen. In all its areas of activity, SBB makes use of the opportunities that rail presents as the most environmentally friendly means of transport. We take our responsibility for Switzerland, its inhabitants and the environment seriously.

The management.

Linus Looser (1980)

Head of Passenger Services Production (since 2021)

Linus Looser holds a master’s degree in Management and Economics from the University of Zurich and has completed further training at the University of St. Gallen. Since 2007 he has held various positions at SBB, and was most recently Head of Railway Production and a member of divisional management in Passenger Division.

Véronique Stephan (1969)

Head of Passenger Services Markets (since 2021)

Véronique Stephan studied Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen and Law at the University of Geneva. Before joining SBB, she worked as Chief Commercial Officer at Corplex in the United Kingdom, Vice President Commercial at Ball Packaging Europe and Sales & Business Development Director at Johnson & Johnson.

The business units within Passenger Services Production.

The business units within Passenger Services Markets.

Consortia and shares in other companies.

Our regional and long-distance passenger subsidiary companies serve specific core regions and markets as independent local companies while still forming part of SBB’s cohesive brand. SBB’s Passenger Division holds shares in the following companies:

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