SBB’s vision and strategy.

Mobility is undergoing a profound and comprehensive change. New customer needs, digitalisation, new mobility providers and regulatory developments are changing markets and business models. The SBB 2020 strategy and our vision provide some answers to this.

SBB is the backbone of the Swiss public transport system, and day-to-day rail operations are the basis of what we do. SBB has been transporting people and freight for more than 100 years. By doing so, we are making an important contribution to the quality of life and competitiveness in Switzerland. We want to continue this success story, even in times when the entire economy and society, including the mobility industry, are undergoing profound changes. We will therefore continue to fulfil our responsibility towards public transport and Switzerland in future.

Mobility should be attractive and affordable for customers as well as the ordering parties – the cantons and the federal government. We are incorporating the existing uncertainties regarding future developments by thinking in scenarios.

The SBB 2020 strategy will thus lead us to the realisation of the SBB vision: Rail excellence and shaping the mobility of the future – simple, personal, connected.