Come on board as a partner.

Are you planning a project for which you would like the support of SBB?

As a state-owned company that receives significant amounts of public funding for the maintenance and development of its infrastructure, SBB does not as a rule enter into sponsorship. In particular, we do not accept any commitments relating to small-scale events, sponsorship of individuals or local activities. Nor do we entertain any requests to supply competition or raffle prizes or free gifts or accept requests for direct or indirect financial contributions to projects.

Partnerships relating closely or directly to our activity as a public transport business form an exception. The cost discipline imposed upon SBB also forces us to exercise great restraint in the approval of proposals.

We trust you understand our position and wish you every success in your project.

You have your requirements, we have our Guidelines.

If, however, your partnership proposal meets the following criteria, SBB will gladly review your application for a possible collaboration.

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