Organizational structure.

SBB Group is organised according to the parent company structure. SBB manages four operating Divisions in its parent company, as well as the Freight Section.

These are:
  • Passenger Services Markets
  • Passenger Services Production
  • Real Estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Freight Section (with controlled subsidiaries SBB Cargo Ltd, SBB Cargo International Ltd, SBB Intermodal Ltd)

SBB has Specialist Management Units for the management of group-wide issues and the support of the Divisions. These are:

  • Finance (incl. Supply Chain Management)
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Corporate Development
  • Safety
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Public Affairs and Regulation

SBB also holds direct or indirect interests in the subsidiaries (or group companies) that it manages

SBB’s governing bodies are responsible for the overall management and supervision, in particular for the strategic and financial management of the SBB parent company and the group companies it manages. However, they respect the legal independence of the group companies and the applicable legal, statutory and regulatory provisions.