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Firjeta Miftari

Commercial Employee in her third year of training, a cinema and book lover with a weakness for good food.

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Apprentice Commercial Employee: Communicating with people.

As an apprentice commercial employee, you can focus on various different professions, depending on your career path. This is where SBB can offer you a unique range of interesting tasks. On the administration path, for example, you assume responsibility in the HR, marketing or finance areas. You advise customers in the travel centres or ensure that trains arrive at their destination safely and on time in the train-control centres. At Switzerland’s largest transport company, you benefit not only from the variety, but also from the momentum.

Thanks to my training with login, I was able to take on the new challenge of responsibility seamlessly at SBB.

Tatiana Alves

Junior Staff Coach and Vocational Trainer, supports her trainees’ futures with passion and joy.

Variety through diversity.

In your three-year apprenticeship, you will discover the many faces of the world of transport. In your first and second year, you will become familiar with the various departments and work sites in the field of public transport. You will spend the third year in one department with a focus on your career. You will receive instruction from vocational trainers in all positions.

A career with a future.

As a qualified commercial employee for public transport, the doors of the transport world will be wide open to you. Newly qualified apprentices are sought-after professionals across the whole of Switzerland. There are various different further training courses in a number of areas available to you upon completion of the commercial employee apprenticeship. The vocational baccalaureate also gives you the opportunity to study at a university of applied sciences.

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