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Dominik Dudler

Fourth-year apprentice polymechanic, active and helpful.

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Apprentice Polymechanic: Getting to the destination with skill.

As a budding polymechanic, you work with metal and plastic in locomotives, passenger trains and freight wagons. The chassis, drive systems and brake systems are particularly crucial when it comes to getting passengers and freight to their destination safely. You are responsible for ensuring the right mechanical components are correctly manufactured and installed in a flawless condition. You repair and maintain the rolling stock and its individual components at regular intervals or in the event of faults.

This varied profession requires technical and craft skills and offers exciting tasks related to locomotives and trains.

Josef Buob

Training manager for technical professions, keen traveller and sports enthusiast.

Learning is easier as a team.

You will spend the first two years of your apprenticeship to become a polymechanic in one of login’s junior business teams. There, you will complete your basic training and work together with other apprentices. Working as a team, you will receive orders, plan upcoming projects and execute orders. You will then work in the maintenance of rail vehicles or safety installations, where you will be supported by vocational trainers.

A career with a future.

As a qualified polymechanic, the doors of the growing transport world will be wide open to you. Newly qualified apprentices are sought-after professionals across the whole of Switzerland. You can specialise through further training. The vocational baccalaureate gives you the opportunity to study at a university of applied sciences.

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