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Simon Häfliger

Federal Diploma of Education and Training in Transport Route Construction specialising in Track Construction, second year of study, keen cyclist and ice hockey enthusiast.

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Apprentice Track Layer.

Switzerland has one of the densest and busiest track networks in the world. As a budding track layer, you make sure that it is always in top-notch condition. Using state-of-the-art measuring tools, you identify where tracks or points need to be repaired. Large construction machinery helps you replace the track, so you and your track-laying team can fit new tracks or points with millimetre precision, allowing lines to be clear again.

The feeling of constructing your own way home and then travelling it in the evening is one that only a transport route constructor is familiar with.

Charly Bögli

Route Construction Foreman and Vocational Trainer for track construction, an enterprising craftsman.

Your first year of your three-year apprenticeship to become a track layer will be spent completing basic training at login. You will then work in a track-laying team at one of login’s partner companies, where you will be supported by qualified vocational trainers. You will complete block courses at the vocational school for transport route constructors in Sursee. For the duration of your apprenticeship, you will be employed by login and supervised by a training manager. As a track layer, you have the opportunity to complete the vocational baccalaureate.

Upon completion of the track-laying apprenticeship, the doors of the growing transport world will be wide open to you. Newly qualified apprentices are sought-after professionals across the whole of Switzerland. With further training to become a foreman or construction overseer, you can take responsibility as a team manager not long after completing your apprenticeship. You also have the opportunity to undergo further training to become a construction foreman or site manager as well as training in other career paths in transport route construction.

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