Hotel rooms.

Sink into bed at the end of a successful day. In the exciting world of tiny living, sleep on clouds in one of 168 industrial-style rooms. 

USM design.

Even from a distance, you can see the two circular accommodation buildings with their green façades and glass fronts. Inspired by the trees in the surrounding park, they could almost be described as tree houses. The 144 single rooms and 24 double rooms are located on four levels around an open staircase, almost like small slices of cake. The signature style of Fritz Haller, the famous architect and designer of USM furniture, is unmistakable.

Worth knowing.

The furnishings and room size are geared towards participants in seminars and are therefore ideal for groups, associations and companies. However, individual travellers looking for functional accommodation in a prime location are also welcome on our car-free grounds. For structural reasons, children are only allowed in the hotel if they are taller than 120cm. They must also stay together with a parent in a double room. 

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Centre Loewenberg

P.O. Box 48/Löwenberg 45B

3280 Murten