The manor.

Get inspired by the ambience of our authentically restored manor. There are 11 seminar rooms available to you, ranging from 17m2 to 47m2 in size. They each offer space for up to 16 people.

From fireside chats to workshops.

The manor – an impressive landmark in a mixture of Gothic, Baroque and Belle Epoque styles – stands in striking contrast to the modern buildings. In the authentically restored manor, there are 11 seminar rooms ranging in size from 17m2 to 47m2, each offering space for up to 16 people. A typical room is equipped with basic conference material: two flipcharts, two pinboards and a flatscreen display. The rooms offer fixed standard seating (U shape/block seating). All rooms have their own unique history, which can be seen in their various parquet and stone floors and their wallpaper, ceilings and friezes. You can see some of the rooms here.

The manor is a smoke-free building, but guests can always go outside. Toilet facilities are available. The manor is not accessible for wheelchair users.


  • Free Wi-Fi.

    Enjoy free Wi-Fi following one-off registration at Centre Loewenberg.

  • Opening hours.

    Mondays–Thursdays: 7am to 8pm Fridays: 7am to 6pm Saturdays and Sundays: upon request