SBB API: the Swiss Mobility API.

SBB Swiss Mobility API is an interface that you can integrate into your own sales system.

Two solutions.

Timetable and fare details are made available to you via this interface. Initially, we are introducing SBB Swiss Mobilty API for Swiss domestic transport services, but we will be constantly developing it and adding new products and functions. There are two ways to use the service:

  1. Solution 1: affiliate.

    The offer includes:

    • We take care of after-sales service, the purchase transaction and customer support.

    • You benefit from our strong and trusted SBB brand.

    • Quick to set up thanks to the simplicity of the technical connection and acceptance.

  2. Solution 2: full version.

    The offer includes:

    • Your customers get excited about Swiss public transport on your platform and complete the process up to purchasing there with you.

    • In addition to public transport products, you can use the shopping cart to offer your customers other products.

The advantages for you.

  • Complete solution.

    Sell the most marketable ranges from over 250 transport companies in Switzerland.

  • Development.

    Benefit from our long-term development of the SBB Swiss Mobility API.

  • Streamlined design.

    Save on IT costs and integrate our API quickly and easily. The SBB Swiss Mobility API can also be fully integrated into your back-end system.

  • Advantageous offers.

    Offer your passengers saver and upsell options thanks to intelligent offer logic.

  • No usage fees.

    You can use our sales solutions without any recurring costs.

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