Advertising locomotive.

Over 1.2 million people travel on SBB trains every day. Utilise this potential and create contact opportunities each and every minute. 

Get your Re 460 advertising locomotive on the tracks and your message will reach the whole of Switzerland.

Area of operation.

Your Re 460 advertising locomotive is integrated into the clock-face schedule between cities (InterCity trains) and regions (InterRegio trains). It runs on the long-distance traffic network and is therefore seen throughout Switzerland. 

Rental period.

An advertising locomotive can be booked for a whole year and this can be optionally extended. This means it is guaranteed to be on the move for you 365 days a year.


Only 24 advertising locomotives or fewer operate on the long-distance traffic network.

Awareness and likeability.

The advertising locomotive is known to around 71% of the Swiss population and around 74% find it likeable. 

Technical specifications.

  • Length: 18.5m
  • Height: 4.3m
  • Vehicle surface: 2 × 80m², advertising space = vehicle areas minus window areas and areas for mandatory markings


Use your 8,296 horsepower advertising vehicle for a naming event, for film and photo shoots or for rides in the driver’s cab and special rides with business partners and employees.


Approx. CHF 320,000 per year (media services, application and removal of advertisements).

Are you interested in an advertising locomotive or would you like to find out more? Contact us via the contact form.

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