SwissPass Parking: advertise and reap the rewards.

It couldn’t be easier. Your customers hold their SwissPass up to the card reader at the entrance and exit when parking. The barrier then opens automatically and the parking fee is charged to the payment method stored in their SwissPass account. 

The service works for all SwissPass users without prior registration, is completely cash-free, and saves a trip to the ticket machine. Simply place our SwissPass stickers on the pillars at the entrance to your car park next to the ‘RFID contactless’ logo. Make more customers aware of this convenient service with our posters and flyers and you can look forward to a commission.

Order advertising material now and benefit.

To guarantee consistent messaging, please use the following advertising material – available in German, French and Italian. 

Advertising material for Digital Parking.

  • Poster Digitalparking  F12
  • Poster Digitalparking F200
  • Leaflet Digitalparking
  • Sticker SwissPass Parking

Advertising material for SKIDATA.

  • Poster Skidata F12
  • Poster Skidata F200
  • Leaflet Skidata
  • Sticker SwissPass Parking

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