PiBS: The ideal combination of work and study.

In the work-study bachelor’s degree (PiBS) you combine theory and practice. After four years, you will complete your bachelor’s degree and already have four years of professional experience at SBB.

Kristina Milenkovic

IT student on the work-study bachelor’s programme, basketball player and amateur artist.

The work-study Bachelor’s degree programme is making my entry into the world of work easier.

Adriana De São José Martins

A cat-lover and passionate beer-enthusiast who enjoys drawing.

Entry-level programme at a glance.

The programme starts at the beginning of August each year and takes four years. You can start your studies at a university of applied sciences straight after obtaining your Matura, and with no previous internship. You choose the university and we will offer you the appropriate internship. During the programme, you will attend the university of applied sciences around two days a week. You can work up to 50% whilst studying with us. In the final year of your studies, you will set your own course for a permanent position within SBB.

Information technology specialisation.

Electrical engineering and information technology specialisation.

Application process.

Here you can find all the key information on the entire application process: