Rail traffic controller – help show Switzerland the way.

Would you like to help control Switzerland’s rail traffic? Our secondary training as a rail traffic controller on a part-time basis at a 60% level of employment will transform you into an important cog of Europe’s busiest rail network.

As a member of our team of approximately 1,100 rail traffic controllers working in four SBB train-control centres, you help make sure that 9,000 passenger trains and 2,000 freight trains reach their destinations safely and on time every day.

At the centre of the network.

As a rail traffic controller, you play a key role in ensuring the smooth operation of the rail system, and you also have a major influence on customer satisfaction. You maintain an overview of the network allocated to you and control the trains travelling on this network in an environmentally-friendly way. If there is a disruption, you react quickly to restore normal operations while also ensuring safety.

Here, you are at the centre of an extensive network: You communicate with your team colleagues, engine drivers and control centre staff. You provide information to customers in a clear and competent manner.

Part-time training in detail.

We offer a 15-month part-time paid training programme in Olten with a level of employment of 60%. The part-time training course works on an alternate basis: one week of theory, followed by one week of practical work. In the varied theory component, you learn the basics of rail traffic control and its areas of application. The following week, you combine this theoretical knowledge with practical skills in the workplace.

The attendance days for the training period are as follows:

  • Theory week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday (full days)
  • Practical week: three full days of your choice (between Monday and Saturday, to remain unchanged during the training)
  • Holidays: to enable you to plan family time, leisure time and holidays, we schedule your holidays around the official school holidays in the canton of Solothurn. 

You take a test to complete the part-time training. You then take over responsibility for your own route network as a rail traffic controller and help get Switzerland moving with us. It’s important to us that you can effectively plan your family and leisure time after your training too. That’s why you are free to set your own level of employment (from 60%) even after you pass your training. In agreement with your superiors, you can set regular days off if working part-time. To ensure your personal planning security, you receive your duty roster at least three months in advance.

Information on the salary for the rail traffic controller career profile

Insight into the world of rail traffic control.

During our career information events, you can gain an insight into rail traffic control, the training programme, the environment and the application process.

Go to the information events 

The central train-control centre in Olten also provides regular insights into the daily working life of colleagues working in rail traffic control.

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