Digital procurement.

SBB is digitalising its procurement procedures with the help of the SAP Ariba network.

Since October 2020, SBB has been gradually transferring its suppliers to the SAP Ariba network. In the future, supplier registration, supplier qualification for respective purchasing categories, calls for tender and the contracts which result from them will all be handled via an electronic workflow. Thanks to the introduction of digital procurement, supplier relationships will be more efficiently managed and more clearly displayed for all parties. 

The switch to digital procurement should be as easy as possible for SBB’s suppliers. That’s why SBB will be gradually expanding use of the network, and will contact current existing suppliers to assist them with their integration into the new SAP Ariba system. Suppliers that are not contacted will not need to take any action. 

The advantages of digital procurement for suppliers of SBB: 

  • Information on standards for my company (e.g. certificates) is stored centrally and does not have to be re-sent every time.
  • As a supplier, I can find all relevant information on a call for tender in one central location.
  • I can view all my services and their statuses in one central location.
  • I can work together with the purchasers via electronic workflows. This makes processes and long-term quality requirements clear.
  • The time I save can be invested in the quality of my services.
  • The new system also increases my visibility to other potential customers.

Find more information on digital procurement directly on the SAP Ariba site. If you have any questions, please send them to our e-mail address and we will be happy to answer them for you.