WiFi service for SBB’s guests and visitors.

Guests and visitors can use the free WiFi service “SBB-FREE” while they are in SBB’s office buildings.

In order to fulfil legal requirements, users must register any device to be used to access “SBB-FREE” by submitting a mobile phone number and entering a code sent to them by SMS. A maximum of five devices can be registered per mobile number.

In all SBB buildings with this service, Internet access is available to registered devices during opening hours.

Once they have been registered, devices can also be used to access the “SBB-FREE” service at train stations. Here, the service is limited to one hour, with a further hour of access permitted after a two-hour break.

Users must activate the service once a day in office buildings and every time they visit a station. This can be done by clicking the “Internet for free” button on the “SBB-FREE” home page.
N.B.: Users will not be able to access the Internet if they do not activate the service, even if their device is connected to the WiFi network.

Device registration must be renewed every 12 months.