Dispensers for magazines, advertising booklets, catalogues, brochures etc.

Our attractive offer at a glance.

Around 260 red SBB dispenser boxes across SBB’s top 140 stations are available for your company’s printed material. Be seen by around one million people every day. 

The advantages for you.

  • Highly frequented locations in Switzerland’s urban areas
  • Thanks to self-service, waste circulation is kept to a minimum
  • Hand-tailored and easily visible box branding with two A3 posters on the inside and outside
  • The red SBB boxes are striking and hard to miss, usually grouped together with the 20 Minuten boxes
  • A one-of-a-kind offer for all of Switzerland
  • Suitable for a regular circulation frequency, for one week at a time, for example
  • Attractive conditions

Information and contact.

Tamas Media GmbH markets the red dispenser boxes on behalf of SBB. Find out the details, general conditions, fees and contact information in the product brochure.

Find out about available times and the occupancy schedule upon request.


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