Events at Zurich main station.

Zurich main station: the mobility hub in Switzerland’s commercial capital.

Nowhere in Switzerland welcomes as many people as Zurich’s main station, which provides you with more than 437,000 contact opportunities per day. Day trippers, commuters, tourists and shoppers bring the station to life day and night. They shop or simply watch the hustle and bustle with a cup of coffee. Many travel there specifically to attend an exciting event in the station concourse.

Events at Zurich main station.

Zurich’s main station offers a top-quality venue, sheltered from the elements. The heart of the station is the imposing main concourse built in 1871. Covering an area of approximately 28 x 57 metres and at around 20 metres in height, this is the biggest station concourse in Switzerland and one of the largest covered, publically accessible spaces in Europe. It offers a unique, historical atmosphere in an area spanning around 1,600 m2.

Zurich main station provides you with a creative space in an ideal location that can be transformed into an event venue that will surprise and amaze your target group.

Cross-media supplement.

The perfect complement to a promotion or event to increase contact opportunities and minimise wasted coverage.

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