Poster advertising.

The train for travel, the train station for poster advertising.

There are virtually no better advertising spaces than the traditional poster sites in train stations. It’s no wonder. After all, almost a million people travel by train in Switzerland every day. This means that you can achieve a high level of penetration and recall values, with an outstanding cost/benefit ratio. You can also reach an exciting target audience.

Impacta AG is a Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) licence-holder and is responsible for poster advertising on all SBB/rail facilities inside and outside train stations. As a rail specialist, Impacta AG’s partners also include private, tourist and mountain railways in Switzerland, as well as car parks. The standardized advertising spaces and digital out-of-home media, and the resulting offers, are incorporated in the product ranges available from the Affichage subsidiaries APG|SGA and APG|SGA Digital Sales.

Advertising in train stations is very well accepted by the public and has a high contact level and recall values, particularly with young, mobile target groups.

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