Testing laboratory/climate chamber.

Every rail passenger appreciates being able to travel irrespective of weather conditions, in comfortably heated or air-conditioned vehicles. In day-to-day use, rolling stock is exposed to numerous weather or journey-related factors. It is therefore essential to have an understanding of how rolling stock and components will behave in cold, snowy, icy or hot conditions.

Our full service portfolio at a glance.

In our climate chamber we provide an environment for testing air-conditioning units independently of current weather conditions. We can simulate a very wide range of weather conditions from sun to snow as well as the presence of passengers and typical passenger flows within a coach.

The services provided by our testing laboratory include the following:

  • Tests carried out in accordance with standard specifications and accredited testing procedures specially developed in-house
  • Route tests (testing climate and pressure comfort)
  • Compiling testing and measurement programmes, performing tests and writing test and expert’s reports
  • Component and equipment tests
  • Optimising control and regulation systems
  • Carrying out type approval tests and climate acceptance procedures for all vehicle designs
  • Comfort studies
  • Efficiency tests and energy consumption optimisation
  • Thermography
  • Determining the heat transfer coefficients of complete vehicles or assemblies
  • Illumination and noise measurements
  • Engineering support
  • Heating and air-conditioning consultancy services
  • Snow tests, both with and without use of the climate chamber
  • Performance testing of components and systems
  • Freeze-protection tests on water systems
  • Acoustic measurements

How you benefit.

Our modern technology enables you to identify the weather-related and operational factors that act on your rolling stock or other test objects, even those which do not run on rails. The test results obtained from the climate chamber provide the tools you need to optimise the quality, durability and availability of your vehicles and components and to assess your production requirements.

Accredited by the SAS as a testing laboratory for climatic investigations on railway vehicles under number STS 0614 in accordance with SN EN ISO/IEC 17025.