Testing laboratory for railway vehicle.

For both new accreditations of railway vehicles and changes to existing braking systems, extensive testing is required to ensure safe operation. This is why we work to compile expert reports on braking systems and offer the necessary measurement and testing services.

Our range of services at a glance.

We determine the brake performance using specially adapted testing methods, taking into account the various specific circumstances, and document the measurement results in a test report. We measure the braking force, the pneumatic and thermal behaviour of the braking system and the behaviour of the anti-slide system under a variety of load and environmental conditions. We conduct our tests from a completely objective standpoint and call on other specialists if necessary in order to provide expert assessments – including some that are independent of system suppliers.

  • Formulation of testing specifications
  • Bench testing of braking systems and brake components, including efficiency and pressure booster characteristic curves (accredited)
  • Dynamic braking power measurements according to UIC 544-1, EN 16834, EN 16185-2 and EN 15734-2 (accredited)
  • Dynamic testing of anti-slide systems according to UIC 541-05 and EN 15595 (accredited)
  • Formulation of test reports
  • Commentary on test reports
  • Evaluation of the thermal behaviour of braking systems
  • Measurement and optimisation of slippage behaviour
  • Testing of the immobilisation protection using holding force measurements (accredited)
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of operational tests
  • Vibration measurements: Whole-body vibration as per ISO 2631 and ride comfort as per EN 12299 (simplified procedure)

How you benefit.

As a rail operator and maintenance provider, we know the requirements imposed by the accreditation authorities and we are qualified to assess operational safety and functionality.

  • We can manage the entire official process for you – from vehicle accreditation through to safety certification of individual components.
  • We will support you in any matters concerning braking systems that arise during vehicle accreditations.
  • We will create the testing specifications for you based on the specific requirements.
  • We will compile a test report for you on the brake components or braking systems, taking into consideration the regulations and standards that are currently in force.

Integrated solutions.

We carry out the complete planning and execution of the test programme. This includes, among other things, selecting suitable test routes, providing rolling stock and locomotive crew, obtaining permits, organising measurement runs, managing vehicle loading and more.