Why are we running BIM@SBB?

BIM is an “enabler” for the digitalisation of processes in asset planning, construction and operation.

We know that we cannot implement this immediately. Therefore, within the partnership programme BIM@SBB, we are focusing on carrying out all the preparatory work needed for use in structural engineering from 2021. We learn from experience and are gradually implementing BIM for rail infrastructure for the period to 2025. That gives us maximum potential for building synergies and lets us avoid experiments.

We have identified a number of potential uses, such as integrated specialist planning and automated project hand-over at the start of operations.

The modelling used enables many downstream processes and opens up potential for new procedures, such as for example use and monitoring of standard components, automatic submission based on this use and monitoring, and digital conformity assessments. Our aim is a digital approval process – both internally and externally. Thanks to this transparency, we can consistently ensure deadline reliability, cost transparency, cost management and continuously high quality, right from the planning stage to the digital construction site. If we manage to implement this uniform approach to data, processes and working methods, automatic hand-overs to operations will also be possible.

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