Data Protection.

As digitalisation progresses, SBB processes a growing amount of customer data. It is one of our central tasks to treat customer data with the utmost care.

Digitalisation is generating a growing amount of customer data thanks to new business models, increased interactions and efficient evaluation methods. SBB feels obliged to do more than comply with the applicable data protection regulations. As the most important mobility service provider in Switzerland, the trust of its customers is a valuable asset that must respected accordingly. This is shown in the handling of customer data. SBB processes customer data with restraint and refrains from making use of all legally permitted options. Among other things, SBB uses data exclusively to add value to its customer services at an individual level. Furthermore, it does not sell any customer data and gives customers the opportunity to reject having their data processed. These customers can opt to travel “anonymously”, meaning their data is not recorded. 

SBB follows data ethics principles which further define the above-mentioned guideline of only processing customer data with restraint and in the interest of the customer. These guidelines state, for example, that customer data should not be passed on to third parties outside the public transport sector unless this is necessary to provide service and is done in a manner that is transparent for customers (e.g. combined mobility services).

At the same time, SBB strives to use customer data to optimise and simplify its services along the mobility chain and to adapt them to the personal needs of its customers. Examples include personal offers such as discount coupons for a travelcard, information about a current or upcoming journey (push notifications), and support or compensation in the event of a disruption.