Data protection at SBB.

Due to advancing digitalisation, SBB is processing more and more customer data. The aim is to provide a contemporary, customer-oriented range of services. Trustworthy and careful handling of your data is of the highest priority.

Your data optimises your personal travel experience.

SBB aims to use this data to offer customers added value. The company is determined to provide its services along the mobility chain in the best way possible, to make them more user-friendly and to adapt to them to the personal needs of its customers.

The public transport industry is committed to handling data confidentially.

As SBB is the most important mobility service provider in Switzerland, the trust of its customers is a valued asset that must be taken care of accordingly. SBB complies with the applicable data protection regulations when handling customer data. By adhering to the following principles, public transport companies also give a clear signal that data will be handled confidentially.

  • The use of this data offers customers added value.

  • No customer data is sold.

  • Customers decide for themselves how their personal data is to be processed.

  • The security and protection of customer data is guaranteed.

Difference between personal and anonymous data.

A distinction is made between personal data and anonymous data.

Personal data is data which allows conclusions to be drawn about individuals. This includes, among other things, the last name, first name, address and telephone number. The Data Protection Act applies to this data.

Anonymous data does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individuals. It refers to statistics, such as the number of people on a train. The Data Protection Act does not apply to the processing of anonymous data.

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