Train-monitoring installations.

No compromises when it comes to safety.

Compared to its European peers, SBB maintains high standards when it comes to safety: over 100 train-monitoring installations are now present throughout the Swiss rail network. They carry out a number of control functions round the clock, thereby playing an important role in keeping rail operations safe.

Currently, over 100 train-monitoring sites have been established throughout the SBB network to ensure rail operations remain safe. Round the clock, a variety of measuring and sensory apparatus automatically carry out critical control functions. They recognise technical problems – such as excessive or shifting loads, protruding objects, leakages involving dangerous substances, overheated brakes and damaged axles – before they lead to major incidents. What is more, the number of monitoring installations will continue to grow until 2016.

The installations monitor railway vehicles while they are moving, making sure operations are not disrupted. They are networked with each other and are themselves monitored at the intervention centre in Erstfeld, where employees track incoming data and take the appropriate measures – stopping trains, intervening onboard – when necessary.

The monitoring sites are supplemented by technical personnel who also check infrastructure. They randomly inspect some 20,000 rail vehicles operated throughout Switzerland on the SBB network by all of the country’s railway companies. They inspect rolling stock during planned stops, while trains are operating or once vehicles have been moved to sidings, so as not to cause delays.

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