Rail transport safety thanks to train monitoring systems.

In terms of safety, SBB sets high standards compared with other European countries: Over 100 train monitoring systems ensure traffic on the Swiss rail network runs safely.

Over 100 train monitoring systems are currently in use on SBB’s network. The various automated measuring and sensor systems perform a wide variety of monitoring tasks around the clock. They detect technical faults before they can lead to an incident on the track network, such as load displacement, overloading, clearance profile violations or the leakage of dangerous goods, as well as overheated braking systems or defective axle box bearings. In doing so they make a major contribution to rail transport safety.

The train monitoring systems take measurements while trains are moving. This avoids disruption to rail operations. The measuring systems are connected to one another as well as to the intervention centre in Erstfeld. The team here checks the measured data around the clock and, if necessary, initiates measures such as train brake activation or interventions aboard the train.

Technical inspectors also play a key role in the safety monitoring carried out by SBB Infrastructure. For all railway companies using SBB’s infrastructure, they carry out random checks on around 20,000 wagons throughout Switzerland. They conduct these inspections during planned stops, aboard moving trains or in stabling facilities. This means that the punctuality of services is not affected.

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