University theses.

Writing a project paper or thesis is an exciting challenge. We support you in your research and writing and offer the chance to work on it in a varied practical environment.

From theory to practice.

As the largest travel and transport company in Switzerland, SBB’s field of activity encompasses many topics which are ideally suited to university theses (bachelor’s, master’s or PhD) or also to project or semester papers. This ranges from the topics of agility, forms of organisation, and digital transformation to IoT, building information modelling (BIM), braking systems, SAP and even extended reality: the questions you can explore when writing your thesis at SBB are endless. 

Gain a varied insight into our company and immerse yourself in the world of work by writing your project paper or thesis at SBB. Choose the topic for which you would like to apply your theoretical knowledge in a practical way from the question areas listed. 

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Can’t find a suitable topic listed at the moment? Or perhaps you have an interesting question of your own that you would like to look into? You can enter your proposal using the form below. We will be happy to forward your request on internally and check for possible supervisors.

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My master’s thesis on technical fleet management gave me an insight into the world of rail and the culture at SBB.

Joé Goelff

Signalling expert, who plays the clarinet and helps to organise the Physics Olympiad.