Career Starter programme: Join us now.

Get started straight after your degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) discipline and achieve great things with us.

Quick overview of graduate entry programme.

You assume responsibility for a wide range of project tasks right from the outset. In our inspiring work environment, you achieve great things every day with your team and develop a wide network of contacts in the company. Completing the Career Starter programme puts you on the right track for a career in a specialist discipline, project management or leadership role.

Julie Brunner

IT talent programme manager – epicurean and favourite auntie.

Working passionately on the entire rail system and improving safety and performance in a cost-optimised way.

Stephanie Arnold

Manager of Signalling Career Starter programme – strong communicator and in touch with nature.

Various specialist disciplines.

The Career Starter programme is a discipline-specific entry programme for university graduates. Find out which disciplines the Career Starter programme covers:

Application process.

Here you can find all the key information on the entire application process:

The advantages and benefits for you.


The attractive entry salary is CHF 80,000 per year.


For the full duration of the training programme, you receive a 2nd class GA Travelcard and get five weeks’ holiday. You also have individual training opportunities, such as language courses, secondments abroad or specific qualifications. With us you continue developing and keep Switzerland moving.

How you benefit.

Across various training placements, you gain knowledge and experience in your chosen area of specialisation and directly apply what you’ve learnt. You also take our introduction programme and have the opportunity to extend your specialist knowledge on specific courses.

Network building.

You develop a wide network of contacts as you are deployed in various departments.

Permanent position.

With the Career Starter programme, you will be well equipped for permanent employment in your specialist area at SBB.

Innovative and exciting IT projects.

IoT power plant application.

When lots of trains depart at the same time throughout Switzerland because of the clock-face schedule, intelligent sensors switch off – unbeknown to customers – the air conditioning or heating for a few minutes at just the right time. This state-of-the-art IoT application saves us a whole power plant of energy.

Mobile app for the visually impaired.

Visually impaired and blind people can listen to customer information displayed optically at stations and aboard trains on their own mobile phones thanks to the SBB Inclusive app. Bluetooth beacons are used to provide this solution.

More information about SBB Inclusive Link opens in new window.

Blockchain in the world’s longest railway tunnel.

In the Gotthard Base Tunnel, we use blockchain technology to open doors. This ensures only authorised personnel gain access to specially secured areas.

More information about SBB’s innovative working environment