Career Starter programme: Join us now.

Get started straight after your degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) discipline and achieve great things with us.

Quick overview of graduate entry programme.

You assume responsibility for a wide range of project tasks right from the outset. In our inspiring work environment, you achieve great things every day with your team and develop a wide network of contacts in the company. Completing the Career Starter programme puts you on the right track for a career in a specialist discipline, project management or leadership role.

Julie Brunner

IT talent programme manager – epicurean and favourite auntie.

Working passionately on the entire rail system and improving safety and performance in a cost-optimised way.

Stephanie Arnold

Manager of Signalling Career Starter programme – strong communicator and in touch with nature.

Various specialist disciplines.

The Career Starter programme is a discipline-specific entry programme for university graduates. Find out which disciplines the Career Starter programme covers:

Application process.

Here you can find all the key information on the entire application process: