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Karine Masson

Business Customer consultant, early riser and single mother with a 13-year-old daughter.

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Karine Masson: superwoman with 30 years experience at SBB.

For over 30 years, I have been working in different linguistic regions: Lausanne, Biel/Bienne and now in Brig. I still find working across the language border hugely enriching. 

My career path.

My career path at SBB started as a customer consultant in an SBB Travel Centre. Given my work at the counter and the long opening hours, I also worked at weekends. In exchange, I enjoyed empty ski pistes and shopping centres during the week. 

As a costumer consultant, language skills are essential. One way SBB supported me was by contributing to the cost of my Italian language course. Thanks to the financial support and time given for internal and external programmes, I was able to pursue further training as a single parent and shape my career as I saw fit. 

Everyday working life as a single mother.

In my previous positions, I always worked 100%. After my daughter was born, I enjoyed 18 weeks’ maternity leave and then went back to work at 50%. What I particularly appreciated was that SBB gave me the opportunity to decide myself when I wanted to increase my working hours. I now work 70% as a consultant for Business Customers. 

As a single mother it is important to have a structured daily routine and to be able to react to situations spontaneously. At my request, Wednesday has been made my fixed day off, and I enjoy spending it with my daughter. I am therefore particularly grateful that SBB is so understanding as an employer. My superior is also very accepting. Common solutions and honest and open communication are what we believe in. I really appreciate that. 

Working at home is not possible in my position as a consultant for Business Customers. The advantage for me is that I don’t take any work home and so can focus entirely on my teenage daughter. I think I have a very good work-family balance. 

Fantastic support.

SBB also supported me in looking after my child, making a financial contribution to my daughter’s care until she was six. That meant I could continue to pursue my professional goals. 

Since I am an SBB employee, my daughter and I benefit from many great offers. From the discounted GA Travelcard to car insurance, SBB lets us discover Switzerland together. 

I have also experienced SBB’s social commitment first-hand a number of times over all these years. SBB is always there for us, and takes care of its employees, even in difficult private situations. This is one of many reasons why I’ve been happy to stay loyal to SBB for over 30 years.

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