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Sandra Denier

Head of marketing implementation and fan of TV series and films who loves baking with her girls.

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Sandra Denier: perfect balance between family and career.

I am a relatively new arrival at SBB, but I have already internalised the company philosophy. This is also due to the fact that SBB enables me to combine career and family as a matter of course.

Time for family, career and ambition.

As head of marketing implementation, I am actively involved in shaping the appearance and perception of SBB in Switzerland. It’s a task where I can do great things. This is where I can make full use of my talent for storytelling. This is something my two daughters also appreciate in the evening, when I read them bedtime stories. 

I like to take on responsibilities – both at home and in my job. The fact that I can do both is due to SBB’s flexible working models. They make it possible for me to have a management role even though my workload is 80%. This way, we can organise our everyday life as a family so that it works for all of us. My day off really is a day off, and I can spend it having a really relaxed time with my girls. When I am at work, the grandparents and a nanny support us. Every other week my girls enjoy their ‘daddy day’ with my husband. This allows us both to live out our career ambitions whilst also spending lots of time with our daughters. 

Flexibility makes my everyday life easier.

Most of our team makes use of SBB’s “Work Smart” model. This means that we can choose our working hours and location flexibly. I like to use the time when I’m commuting to work. Tools such as the Microsoft Teams app make it easier for me to coordinate and communicate with the team. This means we can chat or discuss things spontaneously. As some members of my team regularly work from home, virtual meetings are also part of our daily routine. This is really helpful, and allows me to carry out my management role with ease.

Personally, I like working at the office. Here, I can fully concentrate on my job. This is because I know that my daughters are being well looked after at home. Of course, I also appreciate having the flexibility of being able to arrive at the office later or leave earlier in exceptional circumstances. If necessary, I can also work from home in the evenings. But mostly I prefer to enjoy this time together with my family. 

Networking as a broadening of horizons.

I find discussion and debate among colleagues particularly important. SBB has various platforms for this to take place. I have already participated in a networking event for women. The content of the talk was explicitly tailored for women. The discussion afterwards was extremely valuable, which is why I will continue to participate in other events for employees in the future. 

Especially as a woman, the question often arises as to whether to choose family or career. SBB proves that you don’t have to choose between the two, and that parenthood can be harmoniously combined with a leadership position. At SBB, we are given support in this regard as a matter of course. 

SBB inspires.

What impresses me at SBB is the varied programme of further training, for which we receive support, both in terms of time and money. It’s important to me to never be standing still in my career, to constantly be growing beyond my limits. Even though I’m not planning any further training right now, I know myself only too well: soon, I will certainly be finding out what other doors are open to me. In addition, there are many other offers, and my colleagues have already recommended various things to me. I am already looking forward to discovering these and trying them out. 

Do something great.

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