Job sharing – the power of two.

More harmony between your private and your professional life, more variation, more exchange: a job sharing position offers many advantages for everyone involved.

Twice as flexible.

Job sharing allows you to organise your working hours more flexibly and better reconcile them with your private life. This way you don’t have to choose between work and other commitments, allowing you to continue with your career. And best of all: while you are away, you know that your job and all the tasks involved are in good hands, allowing you to fully focus on your home life. This helps to reduce stress and increases productivity and work quality.

Here’s how job sharing works at SBB.

In job sharing, two employees share a full-time 100% position. Whether it should be 60:40 or 50:50 is something you negotiate yourselves. In addition, SBB encourages job sharing in management positions (“top sharing”) by providing positions which can be shared and which add up to 120% of a full-time job. 

For job sharing, you can apply as a duo from the very start, or we can help you find the right job sharing position.