National, regional or local.

Thanks to a wide range of targeting opportunities, you can reach passengers in a targeted way with your advertising and therefore reduce waste coverage to a minimum.

For example, you can reduce your campaign to certain regions or routes with timetable-based targeting. Visualise the various possibilities for yourself.


Reach your customers right where they are at the time. We offer the following options:

  • Geolocation, based on GPS coordinates
  • Targeting individual or several of the roughly 80 WiFi locations (e.g. adapted to your branch network)

Timetable information.

The timetable website offers you the opportunity to run locally-based advertising campaigns (geo-targeting based on location or canton). The following targeting options are available:

  • Departure and/or arrival location
  • Departure and/or arrival canton
  • Departure and/or arrival time
  • Departure and/or arrival date
  • Departure and/or arrival day
  • National and/or international connection

Journey information.

Would you like to reach customers who travel in a certain way? The following information can help you with this:

  • 1st class or 2nd class
  • Item (e.g. supersaver tickets, 1-day travelpass)

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