Access for all: the SBB online shop is rated well for accessibility.

The foundation Access for All has rated 41 online shops frequently used in Switzerland for their accessibility. SBB has done well and its online offer has been ranked third.

For the fifth time, the foundation Access for All investigated how accessible websites are for people with a disability. Given the strong trend towards e-commerce, the focus in 2020 was on the accessibility of online shops. The study tested 41 platforms belonging to private organisations, public administration and federal enterprises.

SBB’s online shop was given 4.5 out of 5 points and was therefore ranked as very accessible. According to the authors, the pages of the online shop are well structured, take contrast requirements into account and can be used without problems both with a keyboard and via a screen reader.

SBB cares about accessible travel. Various services on websites, in apps and in PDF documents have been – and will continue to be – optimised for accessibility. The foundation Access for All previously certified the accessibility of as AA+ in March 2019. An independent team of accessibility specialists checked whether the websites are accessible and meet the standards.

The charitable foundation Access for All is a Centre of Excellence for accessible technology in Switzerland. It is committed to promoting the use of technology that meets the needs of the disabled. The Swiss accessibility study has been carried out regularly since 2004. 

The detailed results of the study are available on Link opens in new window.

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