Vehicle utilisation.

The procedure described below is applicable to the infrastructures of SBB Infrastructure (including Sensetalbahn (STB) and Hafenbahn Schweiz (HBS)), BLS Netz AG and Schweizerische Südostbahn (SOB).

The safety certificate proves that you have established a safety management system (SMS) and that the requirements for continuous, safe and reliable operation are satisfied. This also includes ensuring that the vehicles to be used are compatible with the route to be travelled. The first distinction has to be made between a railway vehicle and a special vehicle (according to Implementation Directive Swiss SBB Contact Center Regulations Infrastructure, I-30111).

Railway vehicles Special vehicles (according to I-30111 1.3, item 1.1)

fully meet the infrastructure requirements and are generally used for train travel. This also includes the following service vehicles:

- Railbound machines according to EN 14033, in transport position

They must have an accreditation/operating permit recognised in Switzerland. The infrastructure requirements are also examined as part of the accreditation process.

do not satisfy the infrastructure requirements or do so only inadequately. This includes the following service vehicles:

- Road-rail machines according to EN 15746
- Demountable machines according to EN 15955
- Trailers according to EN 15954
- Rail-bound machines according to EN 14033, in working position

On the routes of SBB (including STB and HBS), BLS and SOB, these vehicles require a work permit in accordance with I-40036 in addition to the operating permit/accreditation.

The vehicle/route compatibility is assessed by means of:

Route compatibility check (see below)

Assessment of vehicle/route compatibility:

If special vehicles are used on construction sites, the vehicle/route compatibility is assessed within the framework of the infrastructure managers’ construction site organisation.

If special vehicles are used for private siding operation, the vehicle/route compatibility is assessed as part of an operating concept.

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