Emergency number for reporting incidents in private sidings.

The siding operator is obligated to report all incidents that occur on the private siding to SBB immediately. This duty applies regardless of whether or not there is visible damage to coaches or wagons, loading aids, installations on the private siding or railway installations (SBB network). The siding operator is obligated to include the emergency number in the operating regulations of the private siding. Reporting an incident to SBB does not release the siding operator from the duty to report incidents under the Ordinance of 17 December 2014 on the Safety Investigation of Transportation Incidents (OSITI; SR 742.161) or from the duty to alert the emergency services (ambulance, police, fire).

The emergency number is: 051 225 08 65
E-mail: netzleitung@sbb.chLink opens in new window.

SBB’s emergency number must only be used for reporting irregularities. Please continue to use the e-mail address anschlussgleise@sbb.chLink opens in new window. if you wish to ask a question or provide information about something else.

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