Advertising on the SBB Mobile app.

Benefit from our opportunities to advertise on the SBB Mobile app – one of the most used apps in Switzerland. Our numerous targeting options and our programmatic advertising offer you the opportunity to effectively reach your specific target group as they travel.

The advantages for you.

  • Coverage.

    10 million contact opportunities per week.

  • Visibility.

    75% viewability or more.

With timetable targeting at international railway stations, we can draw the attention of potential customers specifically to Mastercard credit cards as a payment method for travel. This allows us to run targeted campaigns with low scatter loss and high conversion.

Walid Ikken

Senior IO & Programmatic Consultant at Dentsu Advertising Agency

Here’s how you can get your advertisement onto the SBB Mobile app.

Almost everyone in Switzerland has the SBB Mobile app within an arm’s reach. Being able to advertise on such a wide-reaching platform, with multiple targeting options and exclusivity is unique.

Renate Rükgauer

Sales Manager at SBB Digital Advertising

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