Train-control centres in Switzerland.

Every day, rail traffic experts control 8,400 passenger trains and 1,850 freight trains on the SBB network. They make sure that the timetable can be followed safely and punctually round the clock and that customers are informed in good time.

Here’s how the rail network functions.

Traffic control, passenger information and technical operations are largely concentrated in four train-control centres (TCC): Lausanne (TCC West), Olten (TCC Central), Zurich Airport (TCC East) and Pollegio (TCC South). Technical guidance for these locations is provided by the Operation Centre Infrastructure (OCI) in Bern.

Through this degree of concentration, SBB is creating the conditions it needs in order to cope operationally with the forecast increase in traffic. This centralisation was made possible by modern control systems, which allow rail traffic to be planned and controlled from just a few centres. Have a look behind the scenes.