You can count on us for punctual train travel.

Ensuring that each and every one of our customers arrives at their destination safely and on time is our top priority. 

Every day, well over a million passengers and more than two hundred thousand tonnes of freight travel on board more than ten thousand trains along the SBB rail network. Our customers expect our trains to take them, or their goods, to their destination safely and punctually.

The Swiss railway network is one of the busiest in the world. Even small, everyday disruptions can have far-reaching effects. SBB staff are committed to maintaining and improving the punctuality and reliability of the railway in their everyday work – ensuring rail excellence.

How punctual is SBB?

The following data show our punctuality yesterday, over the last month, across Switzerland and per region:

Yesterday, 01.12.2021

Region Train punctuality Connection punctuality
Overall SBB network 85.5% 98.1%
Western Switzerland region 75.4% 97.5%
Central Switzerland region 83.4% 97.8%
Southern Switzerland region 91.0% 97.4%
Eastern Switzerland region 90.9% 98.4%

Last month

Region Train punctuality Connection punctuality
Overall SBB network 87.8% 98.7%
Western Switzerland region 80.8% 98.1%
Central Switzerland region 87.8% 98.5%
Southern Switzerland region 92.4% 97.7%
Eastern Switzerland region 90.5% 98.9%

Older punctuality figures can be found on the SBB statistics portal.