Our commitment to sustainability.

As the largest provider of sustainable mobility in Switzerland, SBB takes its responsibility seriously.

SBB is committed to a comprehensive sustainability policy – economically, ecologically, and socially. SBB consistently takes sustainability criteria into account along the entire value chain – from procurement to production and use to disposal. SBB’s environmental policy is set out in the Code of Conduct for employees and suppliers.

Whether you travel with TPF or SBB, by bus or by train: public transport lets customers move around sustainably. But climate heating shows that we have to do even more. The sector faces the challenge of maximising use of energy saving potential and reducing dependency on fossil fuels. To achieve this, we need to harness the force of innovation, specialist knowledge and the willingness to implement measures and cooperate.

Vincent Ducrot


Sustainability at SBB.

As the backbone of public transport, SBB is a driving force in the transformation towards a sustainable Switzerland. We keep people, regions, the economy and nature connected, making a contribution to quality of life in Switzerland and making the country more competitive.

The SBB Strategy 2030 shows the company’s priorities. The focus is on customers and the core aspects of the railway – being punctual, reliable and safe. SBB’s strategy also centres around the ambition to be exemplary in all aspects of sustainability and to be a railway by the people for the people: for passengers, employees and society – for the whole of Switzerland. This results in three main strategies of SBB’s commitment to sustainability:

We are kind to the climate and the environment.

We are increasing our environmental performance in an exemplary manner and consistently reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. To do so, we are focussing on renewable energies, increasing energy efficiency and working towards the transition to a circular economy. We also promote sustainable, interwoven habitats for people and nature by planning and building responsibly and strengthening biodiversity.

We are pioneers in sustainable transport development.

We provide our customers with environmentally friendly and accessible mobility, as well as sustainable freight transport. We provide safety – be it data security or regarding the effects of climate change. In doing so, we are pushing the modal shift to rail. We also fulfil our social responsibilities in our supply chain.

We are a responsible employer – by people and for people.

We provide meaningful work for current and future employees. Our tailor-made training and development programmes help staff to prepare for change in their professions and enable us to maintain a high level of valuable rail expertise. We promote an excellent culture of safety and the health of our employees, strengthening our team orientation and sense of togetherness through diversity, inclusion and constructive cooperation with social partners.

Key sustainability topics for SBB.

SBB has defined the following key objectives for its sustainability priorities:


Focus topic Aim
Climate and energy

We will halve our operational greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to the base year of 2018.

By 2030, we will save 850 gigawatt hours of energy per year compared to 2010, increasing energy efficiency by 30% in relation to the level without intervention.

Circular economy

We are anchoring the circular economy in our processes and corporate culture and making it a company-wide standard.

We avoid operational waste, recycle valuable materials and dispose of hazardous waste in accordance with the law.

Sustainable habitats

We will maintain one fifth of our embankments in a near-natural state by 2030.

We will apply sustainability standards to new buildings and will replace all fossil-fuelled heating systems with renewable alternatives by 2030.


Focus topic Aim
Sustainable mobility

We’re offering people with reduced mobility the opportunity to travel autonomously by train. We’re making temporary or alternative solutions available for stations and stops that are not yet accessible.

We will increase the share of rail in the modal split in passenger and freight transport by 2050.

Security and resilience

We process our customer data in accordance with data protection guidelines and will increase the level of information security throughout the company by 2026.

- We’re minimising the risk of weather-related effects on people as well as damage to the environment, infrastructure, buildings, goods and equipment.

Sustainable procurement We will increase our Ecovadis score for sustainable procurement to 80 points by 2027 and also require our relevant suppliers to undergo this sustainability assessment.


Focus topic Aim
Attractive employer

We are one of the best employers in Switzerland.

We recognise the potential changes in professional fields and are developing the skills of our employees.

Health and safety at work By 2025, we will keep the number of occupational accidents at a low level and the number of days of absence stable.
Equal opportunities We will fill every management team with two or more women by 2025. In addition, more management teams will be multilingual.

Our contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development points the way to a sustainable world. As a country with a long tradition of humanitarianism and a strongly networked international economy, Switzerland has a great interest in being a good example of the implementation of this agenda. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form the core of the Agenda. They comprise 17 goals and 169 targets. These goals are to be achieved globally and by all UN member states by 2030 – thus ensuring sustainable development at the economic, ecological and social levels.

Switzerland is committed to Agenda 2030. SBB contributes to achieving the SDGs in Switzerland through its actions in line with its Strategy 2030. Through its ambition to achieve climate-neutrality, and through its energy strategy and its services, SBB is making significant contributions to the decarbonisation of energy (SDG 7) and to climate protection (SDG 13).

As a major mobility provider, infrastructure operator, employer, property owner and procurer, SBB supports the achievement of the following SDGs: SDG 8 (safe work), SDG 9 (safe rail access and reliable infrastructure), SDG 11 (sustainable buildings and habitats) and SDG 12 (procurement and resource use).

In 2022, SBB also contributed to the achievement of select components of the following five SDGs: In the interests of its employees, SBB is committed to integrated health management, a broad range of training and development opportunities, and gender equality (SDGs 3, 4 and 5). It also promotes equal opportunities for its employees and the accessibility of the railway (SDG 10). Finally, SBB is committed to maintaining railway embankments and cuttings in a near-natural state (SDG 15).

When prioritising the SDGs, SBB oriented itself in accordance with the national report for 2022 ‘Switzerland implements the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’. SBB’s priorities also correspond to the Federal Council’s Sustainable Development Strategy. The following paragraphs describe SBB’s contribution to the various SDGs in detail.