Our commitment to sustainability.

As the largest provider of sustainable mobility in Switzerland, SBB takes its responsibility seriously.

SBB is committed to a comprehensive sustainability policy – be it economic, ecological or social. SBB considers sustainability criteria holistically along the entire value chain – from procurement to production, usage and disposal.

Whether you travel with TPF or SBB, by bus or by train: public transport lets customers move around sustainably. But climate heating shows that we have to do even more. The sector faces the challenge of maximising use of energy saving potential and reducing dependency on fossil fuels. To achieve this, we need to harness the force of innovation, specialist knowledge and the willingness to implement measures and cooperate.

Vincent Ducrot


Our sustainability promise.

We are moving Switzerland forward. As the backbone of public transport, SBB is a driving force in the transformation towards a sustainable Switzerland. With our open culture, we are shaping the mobility of the future. We keep people, regions, the economy and nature connected, increase the quality of life in Switzerland and make the country more competitive.

Our ambitions for 2030.