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Anita Ehrhardt

Transport police officer in Bern (80%), sporty mother of three and member of the volunteer fire department.

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Transport Police officer – safety on public transport.

Over 200 trained police officers ensure safety and order in public transport areas throughout Switzerland, such as in train stations or on board services.

Police officers also ensure safety at major events with which SBB is involved as well as during operational failures. They are in direct contact with customers on their daily rounds and interventions.

For us, ensuring safety and order at stations and on trains is our top priority – and no two days are the same!

Yannick Ruppen

Security dog handler/transport police officer, and Finn, German shepherd, love training with balls.

Professional and flexible.

No two days are the same – your work as a police officer in the SBB Transport Police is challenging but varied. It requires mental stability, physical robustness, flexibility and an ability to learn quickly. Thanks to a flexible intervention plan, our two-person patrols reach the site of an incident quickly and work closely with the train crew and other police bodies. You also work in specialised departments, such as the ‘Video and Graffiti’ special unit or the ‘Genesis’ task force. You earn the trust and respect of customers by conducting yourself in a respectful and responsible way.

A focus on helping people rather than bureaucracy.

As the SBB Transport Police, instead of focusing on administrative tasks, our work is centred on community policing, wherever we are needed. Therefore, as a police officer in the SBB Transport Police, you spend a lot of time on the front line in the exciting environment of the public transport system. An interesting and varied range of tasks and responsibilities, extending well beyond cantonal borders, awaits you.

Strong mindset.

There are some situations that police officers simply cannot prepare for, including accidents, deaths, emergency responses and criminal offences. This means that professional support, a strong individual mindset and a healthy social environment are even more important. What’s more, it is crucial that police officers have a high level of trust in one another, as deployment during the night or in extreme situations demands unwavering confidence in your colleagues. The day-to-day work also includes enriching interactions with passengers.

“Practice makes perfect.”

Our police officers are trained according to Swiss standards. They are always prepared for new challenges and equipped with the latest gear. To ensure their own safety and the safety of others at all times, all police officers attend regular development sessions. These include annual shooting duties, self-defence courses and training sessions on tactical thinking. You regularly train for serious incidents through ongoing exercises; this enables you to be as prepared as possible for a wide range of different assignments.

Information video.

In our information video, we show you first-hand insights into the world of the SBB Transport Police, a colleague shares his experiences and we provide some valuable application tips.

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