The cosy S Rooms.

Experience the advantages of these small yet delightful rooms. These 10 rooms are ideal for small-scale meetings and workshops or as a group room in addition to a larger room.

Facts & Figures.

  • Capacity.

    Max. 8 persons.

  • Size.

    17–23 m².

Compact, exclusive and stylish.

The S-size seminar rooms are suitable for smaller groups or as additional group rooms for larger events. This exclusive environment offers an ideal setting for productive meetings, workshops or small group training sessions. The room size offers a cosy atmosphere which promotes concentration as well as in-depth discussion and creative collaboration.

Some important facts to know.

The group rooms are equipped with a mobile flat-screen TV, a flip chart, whiteboards and a presentation tool kit. The seating is fixed block seating and cannot be changed. The rooms can also be used as a cloakroom for luggage and clothes at large events.

Four of the S Rooms are located in the historic castle. Every room is unique. The lovely rooms will have you bursting at the brim with ideas!

Opening hours and dates closed

Seating options.




8 persons