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Etienne Manca

Real Estate Manager/Asst Manager, loves football and is adventurous.

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Real Estate Manager: Be responsible for your own real estate portfolio.

At SBB Real Estate, you support the development and management of 793 railway stations, 3500 buildings and 3700 attractive properties and sites in the vicinity of the railway. SBB Real Estate also manages investment properties throughout Switzerland.

SBB has placed its trust in me to accomplish something important with my job – and it’s also given me the freedom I need to do this.

Pascal Furegati

Head of Station Management at Zurich/Railway Production, enjoys jogging and cycling.

Maintain and expand.

As a Real Estate Manager, you independently manage a complex and heterogeneous real estate portfolio. You’re not only responsible for budgeting and property accounts; you also manage the technical aspects of your properties. Your goal with all of these activities is to achieve optimal returns, increase value, and consistently maintain and increase assets. 

You therefore regularly check the condition of your properties and ensure effective infrastructure management (safety, maintenance, cleaning). While doing so you continuously interact with tradespersons, suppliers and professional associations. In addition, you are responsible for initial leases/rentals and finding new tenants when necessary. 

Do something great.