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Stephanie Roggo

Real Estate Manager (80%) and dog mum who loves to spend time in the woods.

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Real Estate Manager: manage your own portfolio.

At SBB Real Estate, you support the development and management of 798 stations, 3,500 buildings and 3,700 land areas beside the railway, and look after investment properties across Switzerland.

SBB has placed its trust in me to achieve great things in my job – while also giving me the freedom I need to do so.

Pascal Furegati

Head of Products, enjoys jogging and cycling.

Independent and responsible.

As a Real Estate Manager, you manage a complex and heterogeneous real estate portfolio independently. Working passionately and in close cooperation with Facility Management, you personally support tenants, customers and partners and process their enquiries. You also represent SBB’s interests regarding properties managed when communicating to the public, local authorities and other stakeholders. 

Contact person and link.

The high level of service understanding towards all parties concerned is a key factor for our Real Estate Managers, who act as an important link for tenants.

Do something great.