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Barbara Schwaninger

Real estate transaction specialist (60%) – a passionate sportswoman and family woman.

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Real estate transaction specialist: Win customers over.

You will be responsible for granting building rights and selling real estate or SBB plots of land. As a real estate transaction specialist, you will be independently responsible for marketing, conducting negotiations and concluding contracts. In this way, you will achieve great things every day and help to secure the long-term funding of SBB.

I am passionate about my responsibility for properties of varying complexity and I work closely with different customers.

Arnaud Santschy

Real estate transaction specialist – his passions include travel, architecture and sport.

Wide variety of transactions.

Your wide-ranging portfolio will be primarily located within proximity of railway stations. It will include both developed and undeveloped sites for residential, commercial, public and mixed use. This level of diversity means that you will experience a wide range of demands in your work. Real estate transaction specialists visit and assess sites, place orders for valuations or appraise the properties themselves. You will manage the extensive marketing process from the invitation to tender right through to the conclusion of the contract. You will also support the Development Department in matters relating to property law and issues regarding development sites. 

Generating appeal.

Before real estate can be sold or building rights granted, you will be responsible for compiling all the necessary information for both the transaction and the market launch of the property. This means that real estate transaction specialists work with local authorities, land registries, surveyors, building authorities and planners as well as various in-house specialist services. You will be in charge of the digital marketing plan with online presence, visualisations, due diligence documents etc. The extent of this work will vary, depending on the complexity of the property. 


For high-quality development sites, you will invite customers to submit bids in a selective bidding process. You will then examine the bids received. You will conduct challenging negotiations with customers, expertly answering their questions and clarifying all details. It is essential that you understand both the real estate market and your needs. 

Do something great.